Health Benefits of Kratom 


Kratom, with a scientific name mitragyna speciosa, is an herb native to Southeast Asia specifically Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea that’s taking the west by storm. So what’s with this plant that’s making people hyped up? 

Literally, getting hyped is what it’s popular for. The good kind though. In fact, students take them to have more focus and concentration and farm workers to have more energy. While Southeast Asia has been benefiting from its medicinal qualities since history, the West has only discovered its potent properties only recently.  


Kratom has been reported to help relieve chronic diseases including withdrawal symptoms from addiction. When opium had low supplies, people used it as an alternative because it has the same effect on the brain. Traditionally, kratom was used to treat diarrhea, fever, diabetes, and pain This is so because kratom has more than 25 alkaloids and over 40 compounds. The most prominent ones are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. They are analgesics but they are mild. They help interrupt the effects of opioids to aid in the relief of the suffering that comes with withdrawals. 


Here are some health benefits of Kratom 


1. Addiction Management 

Kratom is not an opiate but it acts just like one by means of brain receptors activation. It works by attaching itself to the receptors before an opioid can. This alleviates the effect of addiction, one or the other. It also helps restrain recovering addicts from craving the drug they are foregoing. Kratom is also favored for its non-dependent effects. It also works for symptoms of withdrawal from an opiate such as nausea, vomiting, cramps, and insomnia. Kratom has been used for treating common substance abuse like alcohol and heroin to help overcome the addiction. 

 2. Stress, Depression, and Anxiety 

Although not everyone has anxiety and depression, everyone does experience stress in one or more forms. For people who suffer from stress, depression, or anxiety, kratom can benefit from kratom. It elevates the mood by releasing endorphins and serotonin. It also has a calming effect which can particularly help people with anxiety especially when in a social gathering. Kratom also eases other symptoms of anxiety like sweating, palpitations, hyperventilation, insomnia, cramps, and others. All these make kratom beneficial for depression, chronic stress, panic attacks, and mood swings. 

It can be easy to go overboard because of the positive effects it can give your mind and your whole body. But you should always check how much you need to take to feel the effects. 

 3. Pain Relief 

Kratom can act like an opioid when it comes to relieving pain. But unlike an opioid, it is not addictive. The alkaloids kratom has, helps release endorphins and enkephalins which will leave you feeling insensible to pain. Bone and joint conditions like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, arthritis, and joint pain will benefit from a mild to moderate relief from pain.  


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