How to Eliminate Bugs and Other Pests

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. However, bugs tend to have the same idea. That’s the reason why bugs are present in your barbeque party and you can’t do anything much about it. But then, that’s not really how things are supposed to be.

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If you don’t want to deal with bugs anymore, don’t worry. There are people who can help you with that. You can start consulting with a reputable West Allis exterminator so you can determine what type of bugs are invading your home and what to do about them.

Bug Pest Control Tips

Your summer plans need not be ruined by bugs. Bugs are unwanted pests indeed but you can definitely do something so they won’t have to affect you at all. Here are some of the things that you can do:

1. Do some trimming in your garden.

Bugs are attracted to plants and forage. Be sure to trim some limbs of your trees and downsize your bushes. Full bloom trees and bushes do look good but they welcome all types of bugs as well. You can get them blooming again in another season. Your garden should be clean, raked out, and cut low all summer long.

2. Install screen doors.

Enclose your patio using screen doors so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs ever at all. Be sure that you inspect the doors every so often. Repair all tears and rips because bugs only need the smallest entry point to get in.

3. Use a bug spray.

There are different green and organic bug sprays available these days. Use those instead of the ones that are made with toxic chemicals. These sprays are effective against bugs but friendly to kids and pets. As for you, don’t forget to wear insect repellent lotion, just to be sure that you won’t get bitten.

4. Seal all cracks.

The screen door and window would be of no use if there are cracks and holes in other parts of the house. Be sure that you get a home improvement contractor seal off these cracks as bugs can definitely get inside them.

5. Eliminate all standing water.

Standing water is actually an open invitation to bugs. Water and moisture are all they need in order to survive. If you have a bird bath at home, be sure to remove the water right after the birds have flown away or at least refresh them as often as you can.

These are just some of the most effective tips and tricks that you can follow to make sure that no bugs could ever ruin your day or night ever again. Without any bug in your home, you’re free to host the best barbeque and pool party.

Beating the summer heat without having to worry about bugs is the next best thing. Thanks to professional pest exterminators, you don’t have to worry about bugs, termites, rats, or roaches again. Seek the most reliable pest control company near you and learn more about your options.