How to Keep Mice and Rats Away

No one wants to live with mice and rats at home. While some species of mice, such as guinea pigs, pass off as pets, the rest that thrives in the wild is considered nothing more than pests. If you see a rat inside your home, don’t hesitate to call a Racine exterminator to help you deal with it.

Racine Exterminator

Your home can never be clean if you have a rat lurking about. These pests only need to the perfect timing to do a rampage in your kitchen and everywhere else. Don’t give them that chance to forage. Be sure that you seal and store all food containers properly. Do the same for pet food.

Rat Pest Control Tips

Never ever leave crumbs and grease lying about. Be sure that your kitchen counters, stoves, and tables are clean at all times. Rats only need to see a speckle of food to think that they’re invited for dinner. Don’t forget to seals your trash cans too, as they can always settle for the throwaways if they can’t find something better.

Aside from food, you should also make sure that the rats don’t have access to water. Start by making sure that your faucet doesn’t drip. Check your drains from time to time as rats tend to get inside them too. If you see any defect in your pipe or drain, have a plumber fix it immediately.

Keeping Homes Rat-Free

Unfortunately, rats don’t just hang out in the kitchen. They can be practically everywhere. By that, you have to make sure that every corner, nook, and cranny of your home is clean. Pay special attention to your basement and attic as they tend to live there unnoticed. If you notice any chewed beams, torn up insulation, and droppings, then you know that there’s a rat living somewhere.

To eliminate rats, you can do the traditional way of baiting and trapping them. If that doesn’t work, then it might be better to consult with a pest control professional. They should be able to provide you with more humane options on how to get rid of these pests.

Other Ways to Prevent Rat Invasion

As much as you do your best to keep the interiors of your home clean, you shouldn’t neglect the outdoors at all. All trash cans outside your home should be covered and secured with tight lids. Fix any leaking hose outdoor and clean after your pets at all times.

Do not pile up trash or junk in your yard or porch. Rodents tend to use old boxes, lumber, brushes, and almost anything else for shelter. Don’t forget to trim trees and dispose of the brushes as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to seek the help of pest control experts as they do a complete inspection of your home from the inside out to ensure that no pest can ever penetrate. They’ll check all entryways, floor drains, sewer pipe grates, letter drops, and transoms. They would give recommendations on what to do to permanently keep rodents away from your home.

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